Urinary Catheters

Urinary catheters are used to collect and drain urine from the bladder, diagnose disorders in the lower urinary tract, monitor urine output, and introduce medication. For maximum flexibility, low durometer polymers, such as soft TPU and Pebax resins, including Isothane 5075A, Pebax® 2533 SA 01 MED and Pebax® 3533 SA 01 MED are considered. TPU resins are often selected for their inherent ability to soften in the body, while Pebax polymers provide a unique combination of strength and elasticity. s from .020″; OD’s to 3″

Thermoplastic Extrusion


X-Ray Detectable Monofilament


Thermal Bonding


Profiles. Simple to Complex

Single & Multi- Durometer


Para-wire combinations

Cross-Head Extrusions

Catheter Support Beading


In-Line & Secondary Operations:

Cut to Length/Coils/Spools

Punching, Die-Cutting, Drilling, Chamfering

Printing, Marking, Stamping

Hot stamping, sequential number printing

Part Assembly

Slitting, Slotting, Spiral Cutting

Custom Packaging

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