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Plastic Extrusion

We are pleased to now be in a position to help customers with their thermoplastic extrusion programs from the proof of concept stage through ongoing production.  With 75 years of extrusion experience, our partner services a wide range of industries from medical to telecommunications and industrial applications.  We can support your needs for nylons, polyurethanes, pebax, polyethylene and other engineered resins.

Thermoplastic Extrusion:

  • IDs from .020″; OD’s to 3″ 
    depending on wall thickness
  • Multi-lumen
  • X-Ray Detectable Monofilament
  • Wire-embedded
  • Thermal Bonding
  • Multi-layer
  • Profiles. Simple to Complex
  • Single & Multi- Durometer
  • Co-Extrusions
  • Para-wire combinations
  • Cross-Head Extrusions
  • Catheter Support Beading
  • Pigmented

In-Line & Secondary Operations:

  • Cut to Length/Coils/Spools
  • Punching, Die-Cutting, Drilling, Chamfering
  • Printing, Marking, Stamping
  • Hot stamping, sequential number printing
  • Part Assembly
  • Slitting, Slotting, Spiral Cutting
  • Custom Packaging

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