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Xponent Global is proud to offer a broad range of “In-Stock” tubing in a wide variety of size, material and lumen configurations that are applicable for the medical device and other industries.  Materials available include:

  • Nylon 12,
  • Pebax 35D,
  • Pebax 40D,
  • Pebax 55D,
  • Pebax 63D
  • Pebax 72D

Tubing is available in single lumen, two (double) lumen, three (triple) lumen, and four (quad) lumen configurations.  Our “In-Stock” tubing program delivers 5 lengths of tubing at 48 inches each for a fraction of the cost of a custom extrusion run.  In keeping with Xponent Global’s mission of enabling start-ups to achieve proof of principal, we are offering R&D Kits bundles which give a wide variety of tubing in a single shipment.  These R&D kits are ideal for enabling service providers a leg up on the competition by enabling rapid response to customer needs and in enabling new concept prototypes with a rapid turn around.

Please review our “In-Stock” Tubing Catalog, which includes  R&D Kits that contain 165 different tubing configurations.  

As always please contact us  for a free initial project evaluation, as we are able to complete custom extrusion runs to our customer specifications for as low as $799 for in-stock materials such as pebax or nylon.

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