Neurovascular disease affects the network of blood vessels in and surrounding the brain leading to potentially fatal conditions such as strokes and aneurysms. With as many as 6 million Americans affected by cerebral aneurysms alone annually, the need for improved neurovascular interventional therapies is profound. At Zeus, we specialize in the ultra-thin, strong, flexible, and precision extruded products necessary to successfully navigate the extremely small vessels of the neurovascular network Medical Markets.

Within the medical sector, Zeus serves several vascular and non-vascular sub-markets. For the human vasculature, our catheter components are used in cardio- and neurovascular applications as well as peripheral applications. In addition to these areas, Zeus products are used in cardiac rhythm management (CRM), electrophysiology (EP) and structural heart applications, as well as in renal denervation procedures. For those non-vascular associated devices, Zeus catheter componentry is found in procedures including gastrointestinal endoscopy (GI ENDO), diabetes management, oncology, brachytherapy; ear, nose, and throat (ENT); urology, neuromodulation, as well as drug delivery and cosmetic surgery.

Thermoplastic Extrusion

IDs from .020″; OD’s to 3″ depending on wall thickness


X-Ray Detectable Monofilament


Thermal Bonding


Profiles. Simple to Complex

Single & Multi- Durometer


Para-wire combinations

Cross-Head Extrusions

Catheter Support Beading


In-Line & Secondary Operations:

Cut to Length/Coils/Spools

Punching, Die-Cutting, Drilling, Chamfering

Printing, Marking, Stamping

Hot stamping, sequential number printing

Part Assembly

Slitting, Slotting, Spiral Cutting

Custom Packaging

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