ISO Certificate


an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer

Xponent Global, Inc., an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, provides the medical market with a variety of extrusions, profiles and custom parts from bonded PVC catheter guide tubes, to od/id fetal scalp monitoring tubing, to monofilament x-ray detection threads. Our ISO class 8 clean room extrusion and mobile clean room manufacturing capabilities allow us to process high quality products which can be supplied in bulk form or further processed into finished assemblies to meet the demanding performance requirements and packaging needs of our medical customers. Our expanded capabilities for vacuum sizing allows us to achieve superior roundness at tight tolerances on challenging extrusions.

Applications such as x-ray detection monofilament require the extrusion of flexible PVC blue pigmented resin in very fine (.025”) diameter, which is then wound on spools or cones for use in medical operating rooms. Clear PVC flexible tubing is used for a variety of pump and catheter applications. Certain para-wire tubing assemblies require od/id tubes to be co-extruded and thermally combined – for example, with irrigation tubing and suction tubing – and later fused to coated wires. We can extrude multi-lumen umbilical tubing to carry fluids for medical treatment, cosmetic and related uses. In addition, we provide fasteners and clips extruded from both flexible and rigid materials, to secure products in place.

As a qualified supplier to some of the best known medical companies around the world, Netco Extruded Plastics has demonstrated years of success developing products that meet the needs of the medical market, from simple shapes to complex profiles in a variety of plastic materials. We are committed to providing products of superior quality, delivered on-time, with world class customer service. Whatever your need, you can be confident that Netco extrudes quality.

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