Fluid Management


PFA High Purity (HP) Tubing

This tubing offers excellent chemical resistance and surface smoothness. This product is extruded in a controlled environment and meets SEMI F57 standards for purity. The unique molecular structure of PFA HP resin reduces metallic extractables and protects rked or striped for identification; this tubing also retains its mechanical strength at high temperatures.


FEP Tubing

Like HP PFA, FEP tubing provides good chemical resistance and has low vapor permeability. FEP is thermoformable with excellent UV transmission and temperature resistance. Applications where FEP tubing is chosen usually require more clarity, flexibility, or a lower heat shrinkable temperature than other fluoropolymers possess. .


THV Tubing

THV is the most flexible fluoropolymer available and has the highest degree of optical clarity. THV is easily weldable (unlike most fluoropolymers) and provides good chemical and environmental resistance. THV, too, possesses good UV transmittance, and its combination of properties makes it an ideal choice for many applications.


PEEK Tubing

PEEK is a high performance engineered polymer with amazing strength and heat resistant properties. Thus, PEEK is also an excellent option for applications requiring high burst pressures. These properties together with its superior chemical resistance have made PEEK the gold standard for HPLC analytical science applications. PEEK is also an excellent replacement for stainless steel. .

Thermoplastic Extrusion

IDs from .020″; OD’s to 3″ depending on wall thickness


X-Ray Detectable Monofilament


Thermal Bonding


Profiles. Simple to Complex

Single & Multi- Durometer


Para-wire combinations

Cross-Head Extrusions

Catheter Support Beading


In-Line & Secondary Operations:

Cut to Length/Coils/Spools

Punching, Die-Cutting, Drilling, Chamfering

Printing, Marking, Stamping

Hot stamping, sequential number printing

Part Assembly

Slitting, Slotting, Spiral Cutting

Custom Packaging

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